No Floors, a poem for writers

no floors, a poem for writers
That's my nephew Naim. I thought he was a roaring t-rex but no. He's a screaming rabbit.


A poem for writers
by Ela Thier

We write because
We see no light
We feel no might
We fill with fright
Alone at night
We doubt
We could unite

We write because
We feel so small
Can’t hear our call
three inches tall
We can’t play ball
Can’t play at all

We write because
We hear a sound
And wonder if we might be found
And wonder if there is a way
Could we remember how to play
And are we brave enough to stay
And will our children be ok

We wake up feeling fear inside
We want to hide
We can’t abide
Knowing a beloved died
Beloveds we’ve not met

We write because your child’s mine
My child’s yours
So if there’s someone without shelter
Then none of us have floors

We write cause we think what’s the use
We write cause we’re done seeking truce
We write cause we are not obtuse
Don’t want to write…

We write because you’re me
I’m you
And we are done with making due
So even if we have to cry
We writers try

8 thoughts on “No Floors, a poem for writers”

  1. Laughed OUT LOUD! Screaming rabbit — LOL still laughing. Love the way your mind works – screaming rabbit HAHAHAHAHAH aren’t we all sometimes? Weeeeeeeee! cute little bunnies.

  2. it was the perfect message for me. This poem resonated with me in so many ways. Thoughts I didn’t even know I had. Thank you Ela!


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