My name is Ela Thier, and I help screenwriters and filmmakers create their passion projects.

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How do you structure a story while enjoying the creative process, which is personal and unpredictable? This 4-part training includes video lectures, writing exercises, and creative writing prompts to help you end writing blocks while sharpening your story development skills.

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you have talent. Don't question it.

You’re a writer, director and/or actor, whether you’ve done any of those things or have been secretly dreaming about it. Your desire to create is all the proof I need to know that you have talent, and that what you have to offer matters. My world would be a better place if your creativity, passions and stories ended up on the screen.

But I know how it goes. Years of procrastination and nothing done? Been there. Worked your butt off and saw no results? I’m raising my hand. It looked like you were getting your big break and then it fell through? My heart has been broken too. Many times. Gave up? Thinking of giving up? Check and check and check.

My name is Ela Thier, I’ve been through all of the above, and I’m a working screenwriter and filmmaker here to tell you this:

  • You don’t have to give up on your dreams as an artist
  • And you don’t have to go it alone.
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Get skilled. Get connected. Get to work.

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