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I used to wait for divine inspiration. Now writing is like brushing my teeth. It's a habit.


Writers don't let writers go it alone.

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Our facilitators are some of the warmest, most fun, welcoming and supportive writers that you'll ever have the fortune to meet.

We meet daily, throughout the day.

Attend whenever you want

as often as you’d like,
from anywhere.

Cameron Kelly

I am a parent of five children; haven’t been able to write outside of writing dates. I’m always amazed at the progress I make when working with other people.


Life, inertia, and everyday distractions have this way of sapping my resolve, commitment, and energy to keep putting in the hours needed to see a project through.

I have the writing sessions in my calendar and because of that, I somehow take my writing time more seriously. I know I just need to show up, and even if I’m feeling lost/stuck/purposeless, I usually end up feeling encouraged by other writers when we do the listening pairs. And because I show up, little steps of progress are made. Every time.

Marcella Hill

Writing alone feels like a slug fest. Writing dates with the group are different. I feel supported, somebody has my back. I’m good for the long haul and go deep. My writing has a whole different quality.

I have closer relationships with people I met on writing dates than with colleagues at work who I saw daily for years.

Dan Matthew

Writing dates give me peace of mind because I know that if I’m not writing, I have dates on the schedule when I know I will get something done. I’ve made friendships during writing sessions. It’s inspiring to see people working alongside you, slowly building an actual body of work.

get addicted to writing

$36/mo after trial.
Cancel any time. Easily. No hoops.

Receipts sent by email, no hidden charges. If you forget to cancel, let us know when you receive the receipt and we’ll refund the charge.

You’re welcomed to join us for the free trial, even if you know in advance that you won’t continue. I’ll be thrilled to gift you with a week-long adventure that will have lasting impact in your writing life for years to come.

If you remain subscribed, it works out to $1.20 a day.

That’s 40 cents for each hour-long writing session, and that’s if you attend only 10% of the writing dates offered each week.

Ela Thier screenwriting challenge

According to research published by The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), if you have an appointment with another person, you’re 95% more likely to achieve your goal, than if you tackle the work on your own.

$36/mo after trial.
Cancel any time. Easily.

Dragonfly, testimonial

Writing dates have been helping not just with productivity but with a boost in self esteem for showing up. I’m inspired by the gentle accountability of this community. The money I spend on the subscription is less than I used to spend on writing at coffee shops where I’d stare at strangers and pretend to be writing.

Mark Lund, testimonial
Mark Lund
I dove in head first, attended two writing dates every day, and absolutely loved it. I learned, I met people, I gained resources! 
Deb Farrar-Parkman

Writing dates have provided structure to my creative life. In the past, I would start to write rigorously and that would last a minute and a half. The regular sessions have made all the difference. I’ve found a work partner and every Saturday we do a 2-hour session and often find ourselves on a roll and going longer.

Cynthia Preston, testimonial
Cynthia Preston

I’m an actor who has been branching out into writing, producing and directing. I’m very careful about who I spend my time with.

I’ve been attending your Writing Dates every weekday morning …and I love them. They get me in front of the computer and down to work every day. It’s amazing what comes out. I love the community, I’m getting to know people, and it feels really good. We are supporting each other’s creativity and learning from each other. I can’t thank you enough.


Once you join, you’ll have access to the members’ area as long as you remain subscribed.

There you’ll be provided with a short course (~30min) to walk you through our (super simple!) tools and format. You’ll know exactly what to do when you join our writing sessions, and we’ll be there to help you if you still need help.

All you need a good wifi signal, a device with a camera and a mic, and a quiet, private room.

The membership also includes a mini-course (roughly 30 minutes of lectures in total) that will prepare you so that when you join us you’ll know what to do.

If you live with other people, especially ones who need things from you (looking at all you amazing parents out there…) this is an opportunity to practice carving out the time and space to honor your writing practice. That’s all the preparation that’s required.

Ask your peeps to give you a private corner for just one hour, just once a week. For their own good – they should give you (at least!) that much.

Our writing dates will get you unstuck.

Join us just three times, and we’ll help you build a lasting writing practice even if you’ve never written before. Regardless of your level of experience, we got your back.

I’m not particularly blocked these days either, but I use writing dates daily. I write more and I write better when I connect with other human minds who work alongside me.

No matter how athletic you are, you don’t climb a mountain alone. You climb with a group.

Lastly, every writer is enriched by it when they encourage other writers. Your kickassness grows every time you motivate other writers to find their mojo too. Our writing dates are an exceptional opportunity to practice supporting other writers.

No, our community writing dates are a place to get writing done and connect with other writers. Writing dates are not a class.

I offer a screenwriting course, which you are welcome to check out. And of course, as you forge relationships and connect with other writers, you are certainly welcome to offer each other input in your own time, outside of our writing time. I encourage these types of initiatives.

Not at all.

If you’re on East Coast time and the thought of an 8am writing session is dreadful, sleep in and join the West Coast session at 11am. If you’re on the West Coast and want to join us at 5am your time, we’ll be impressed!

You are also welcome to join more than one session a day. You could, for example, start at 8am East Coast, and then join all 4 sessions that day. Then come back again for the evening session (woh!)

Only caveat is that any session you join, you attend in full. Each writing session is an hour long. In consideration of the needs of the group as a whole, we lock the virtual room once a session begins.

You’re bound to meet some pretty awesome people at these writing sessions, and you are absolutely welcome to exchange contact info and set up writing sessions among you on your own time.

The short answer is no. The long answer is hell no.

$36/mo for a monthly subscription. A little less if you choose the annual membership. That’s IT.

Yes, monthly and annual subscriptions both auto renew.

You can of course cancel your subscription any time.

You’ll receive reminders before an annual membership renews so the charge doesn’t come by surprise. You’ll have plenty of time to decide if you’d like to renew.

If despite the reminders, you still find yourself charged unexpectedly and aren’t interested in continuing, let us know within a week of being charged and we’ll cancel and refund your subscription.

In short: you’ll never make a payment that you didn’t intend to make.

I know, right?! Can’t stand that stuff.

There’s a manage membership tab on the site where you can easily cancel any time at the click of a button.

If you don’t find the cancel button in 5 seconds or less (happens…) email us and we’ll hit that button for you. We’ll also refund the last charge if we’re enjoying a holiday weekend and did not get back to you before a charge went through.

Only hoops you deal with are the ones you create for your characters.

$36/mo after trial.
Cancel any time. Easily.

100% of the profits of The Independent Film School are donated or invested in high-quality, entertaining films that move audiences to face the climate emergency, and defy sexism, racism, and other social oppressions.

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