Poems for Evan

I wrote poems this week, on our 11th anniversary:


When the rosy fog of our honeymoon lifted with the clouds When our minds got hijacked and we couldn’t remember feeling pleased or proud When demons from our childhoods came around to haunt us When false illusions of escape came around to taunt us When echoes of discouragement said we couldn’t win it We didn’t take the easy road we battled and stayed in it When a well-meant word, a kind request felt like an attack When despite an openhearted gesture we chose to watch our back When mistrust and pain and disappointments became a daily tune When it felt like the only line of defense was an impenetrable cocoon Rather than taking the easy road we planted ourselves and stayed in it We sought out help, and we slayed a few demons not knowing if we’d win it And when the earth cracked open forming oceans between us We decided we would swim it.


Some people show their smarts through grades Or write impressive books Composing symphonies and plays can checkmate with one rook Your brilliance goes way deeper dear impactful as the sun It’s hitting me with pillows when I can’t be having fun It’s knowing that I feel upset when I say that I’m ok It’s knowing how to make me laugh It’s knowing how to play It’s knowing how to have a fight And how to have a spine It’s knowing how to follow me And how to hold a line Every person in our neighborhood thinks that you’re their friend You know when to give people breaks you know when not to bend The person sleeping on a bench the rich guy with a name Both know that when they talk to you you’ll treat them just the same Your nephew every single week waits for your arrival Your kindness, playfulness and warmth – a matter of survival So yeah, you’re brilliant playing bass and with guitar repair But your brilliance can’t be measured love it’s evident as air.

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