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I offer this training once a year

Writers at all levels are welcome.

Write your winning screenplay
Left to right: Ela Thier, Rocío Mendez, Evan Gluck, in "Bad Writing" Dir Ela Thier


Once you make your reservation, you’ll be invited to submit a story logline for input. When we meet, I’ll offer my feedback on a few of the loglines submitted, to demonstrate the story tools that I’ll be discussing. You will not be on camera.

enter at your own risk

Writers who join find out what they’re capable of.

In over twenty years of working in the industry as a development executive on both studio lots and independent films, I've never met someone as sharp in story development as Ela.
Picture of Wendy Sax
As an actor, studying writing with Ela made me realize that I don’t have to wait for anyone to give me the roles that I deserve. I'm now confident enough to be able to say that I’m a writer.
Finally, someone who teaches practical means and not vague concepts!
Picture of Takeshi Horie
I went from never writing to writing consistently every day.
Jayne Maginot
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your instructor

My name is Ela Thier, and I’m proud of the dozens of shorts and features that I’ve written. I’m proud of those that went on to receive standing ovations, major awards, and positive reviews in industry publications.

I’m also proud of the great scripts that have yet to be produced. And I’m especially proud of the mediocre scripts and drafts, and all the “bad ones” that I had to write along the way in order to build my skills and arrive at the great ones.

I’m also proud of the thousands of passionate screenwriters that I have trained since 2006. Some were experienced, and many had never written before and weren’t ready to call themselves writers.

It’s been one of my life’s greatest joys to watch screenwriters build skills and confidence, and discover just how talented they really are.

Heads up that I’m a teaching artist and that I’ll end the training with a tour of my digital masterclass, Writing Your Best Screenplays. While my courses are for sale, my integrity is not. So when I offer a free session like this one where I promote a paid program, I deliver an in-depth and complete lesson in and of itself.

This training alone will move your writing forward – permanently.

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