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raise $600 in 6 days

10 minutes a day

Acquire the skills to raise any amount for your film, or any creative project.


with Ela Thier

October 30 – Nov 4, 2021

I offer this training once a year

Spend just 10 minutes a day for 6 days, and raise $600 for your next practice shoot or any creative project. You don’t need to know what you’re raising money for; you’ll still meet your fundraising goal.

enter at your own risk

Filmmakers who join me end up making movies.

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Even if you don’t know yet what you’re raising that money for, you can still join us and meet this goal.


Absolutely. This is an amount you can raise even if you need more time to figure out how you’ll use it. And raising just this much will help you build the skills that you need to raise more.

Time commitment is 10 minutes a day. You can do this on the toilet in the mornings 😉

I’ve never offered this training before and I don’t promise to offer it again. If I do, it won’t be for another year.

Heck, you can sign up just to watch the short videos with instructions each day, and not follow any of them! You’ll still learn from it.

I just watched an award-winning short film created by a woman who was homeless during the covid 19 lockdown. She had a lot less than $600 to make her film.

Join the challenge and I’ll send you my article on how to make a film with $6 or less.

I’ll let you figure out what to do with the $594 that you’ll have left over 😝

Absolutely. (Plot spoiler: most participants will accidentally raise more.) Just a heads up that if you use the challenge to raise more than that, you’ll need to spend more than 10 minutes a day (maybe even 20!) and you’ll need a clear idea about the project you’re raising that money for.

If you’re among the majority of the world’s population and live in a country that has been robbed of its resources, and where $600 is an insane amount of money, I do recommend you come up with a different amount.

Consider what the average earner makes in a week working full time where you live, and make that the amount that you’ll try to raise.

Everyone who wants to make films is a member of my tribe! You are warmly welcomed to join us in order to watch the video tutorials each day. I would not recommend, however, that you follow my cues and raise that money.

What will work better in your case is to identify an artist to whom you would like to donate $600.

​I’ve had a few failed campaigns, and learned as much from them as the ones that succeeded. If you follow my instructions, you’ll learn a ton and get inspired no matter what happens.

You will still collect whatever amount you do raise. All that said, if you follow my cues, not meeting this goal is a very unlikely scenario.

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your instructor

My name is Ela Thier, and after so many “almost got my break” heartaches, I decided to become the producer I was looking for.

The first step was having money to produce anything at all. At the time, I was counting my change to figure out if I can afford to add cream cheese to my bagel.

I made my first short by raising $3K, from just 3 people. When I made my second short, I raised another $3K (woohoo!) When I produced my first feature, I raised $40K. Next project was $100K. I’ve raised money time and time again, and while doing that, I coached countless filmmakers as they raised hundreds of thousands of dollars using my tactics.

I’ve seen the same mistakes recur, and the same tactics work. I want every filmmaker to know how to raise money for their projects.

Your work deserves support. I want you to gift everyone you know with the opportunity to do something as meaningful and significant as helping you out. To all your supporters I’d like to say in advance: contributing what you can to an independent filmmaker is the best money you’ll ever spend.

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